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NASA, brand new Federal Security Enterprises, as well as the Shuttle

Posted by admin on June 9, 2022

NASA, brand new Federal Security Enterprises, as well as the Shuttle

The brand new DoD and NASA situated the go after-toward National Geodetic Satellite Program (NGSP) from inside the 1964 (Document 36). Both DoD and you may NASA gotten research regarding the four satellites introduced of 1964-1968, but the DoD including received they from measuring gizmos to the its very own satellites such CORONA and you will SECOR. Most of the time, new DoD would not give NASA the fresh new brutal data of its own satellites and you may canned research significantly more real than just might be derived entirely on the NGSP. The fresh new ensuing disagreement between DoD and you can NASA during these methods is actually delivered to the eye out of Chairman Johnson for the 1968, but there is however zero signal it was solved (Document 37).

NASA prepared into unveiling the latest Geodynamics Fresh Sea Satellite-step three (GEOS-3) with a beneficial radar altimeter whoever study do generate way more exact the law of gravity designs than just about any calculating products in past times flown. The details will be always satisfy civilian requirements and also by the fresh new U.S. Navy to improve the precision of the submarine-circulated ballistic missiles (SLBMs). Because in addition to had the potential to be utilised by the new Soviets for similar objective, the newest DoD questioned NASA so you can encrypt the details, limit the purchase of analysis along the sea places where Soviet ballistic missile submarines work, otherwise decrease the brand new structured April 1975 discharge through to the situation you will getting solved. Continue Reading

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