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This type of minarets could be recreated within the Andalusia, on the Grand Mosque away from Cordoba

Posted by admin on May 27, 2022

This type of minarets could be recreated within the Andalusia, on the Grand Mosque away from Cordoba

The design and you may construction of your MAGHREB MINARETS was passionate first in the rectangular-figure northern tower of one’s Grand Mosque regarding Damascus (start of the VIIIth 100 years).

This type, from the east try affirmed throughout the minaret regarding Kairouan (very first half the fresh Village century), surmounted which have one or two systems and you will a ribbed lantern and experienced due to the fact next since western model regarding minarets when you look at the North Africa

The fresh new minaret out of Hassan II Mosque away from Casablanca remembers by many aspects the height one to reaches 2 hundred yards, and that renders from it a special ponder. It is seriously remigration, the square shape whose proportion is actually of just one to eight ranging from the new basements and seminar. Nevertheless was fleeing into the unlimited and undoubtedly on the account of the neatness that is by itself a way to pay tribute in order to modern civilization.

New carved design within the facades recall, of the composition of its interlaces, the fresh Merinid success by the chrome, having green because the common color, new Alaouite minarets.

Therefore, it is undeniable the fresh creativity is dependent on the exceptional thrust into the the brand new sky with its marble finery and the consolidation of numerous elements.

Let us discover now just how these types of higher pretty sets you to definitely spur existence in the materials since the ranged since the zellij marble, plaster, timber or brass has indicated on their own in the so majestic and imposing a gap since the that of the latest Hassan II Mosque. Continue Reading

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