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I was confused upon learning this because he shows no interest in anything but his job in everyday life

Posted by admin on May 24, 2022

I was confused upon learning this because he shows no interest in anything but his job in everyday life

Ben Affleck does a fine job as Wolff making us believe that this is a man who can both solve complex mathematical problems and dispatched trained killers with ease

He’s an uptight rude kind of accountant for hire, all suits and ties with no eye contact. Maybe, just maybe, he’s also a hit man because he slaughters evildoers by the dozens. As I said, I nodded off, and e at the end and I missed it.

What I DID watch was a more or less ordinary action movie. It could have been Steven Seagal. He beats the crap out of those with no morals and shoots their brains out. Those we see him kill are all bad guys who work for the head honcho, John Lithgow, whose roles lately have tended towards villainy. The reason Affleck kills these guys is that he’s discovered some high-echelon scheme to skim money out of a robotics firm, and Lithgow, who now runs the business, wants the secret kept, so Lithgow kills everyone who might try to help Affleck finding out what, or who, is under the rock.

That includes the winsome young secretary, Anna Kendrick, who is precisely half Affleck’s height. After he saves her, the director mistakenly allows her to become angry, shouting at Affleck, while he shuffles nervously around his trailer with a gun in his hand. She’s in a position to know better than to do that. But later, when he puts them up in a gilded hotel room, she puts moves on him. He avoids the engagement by repeating some distracting childhood rhyme and sliding away from her.

It’s a difficult binary role: arid accountant or superman. Affleck handles it surprisingly well. One or two of the supporting players also are satisfying. Continue Reading

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